Quellenkraft und Raumharmonie

Intuitive Personality Coaching Procedure

There are several situations that may deprive someone of power and energy, of a harmonious, happy life.


Have you already asked yourself the questions:

Who am I really?
Why am I feeling stuck?
Why am I dissatisfied and unhappy?
Where do my fears come from?
Why can I not let my dead go? (Energy separation)
How can I manage the process of separation with my children?
Why am I always overburdened at work and at home?
Why are the same patterns always repeated?
Why am I not able to get any sleep at night?
How can I find a solution to problems in partnership, work, family?
Why can’t I let go of my ex partner?
How can I break free from my old habits?
What holds me back or trapped?
What is your potential?

It is Michael Walthert’s great concern to design the approach according to the needs of the clients. This will be clarified in advance in a non-binding telephone conversation.