Quellenkraft und Raumharmonie

Intuitive Personality Coach

Michael Walthert combines the inner center with the power of nature. Through his intuitive energy work, he supports his clients so that they can feel their inner strength and release their blockages. In nature, the clients walk their lives until a place of strength is reached, so that they can open up to their lives and reshape them. The place of strength that Michael Walthert shows and lets his clients experience, accompanies people on their new path. It is up to the client to open the door handle, which they get in their hand.  Great success is guaranteed when the client opens up, abandons their great fears and treads the new path. This work requires trust, openness and the will to lead one’s own life into new paths and thoughts.

He transforms, therefore, coaching in something new.

Thus, he transforms coaching in something new. Through the successes and heartfelt feedbacks from his clients, Michael Walthert is aware that this unique work helps people to find their inner strength and to reconcile the feeling of connectedness and oneness with the power of nature.