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from Dr. Maria Teresa De Donato, Traditional Naturopath, Homeopath, Life Strategist, Author

In our October 2017 article Wood in Harmony ( we have discussed some interesting topics with Michael Walthert, a holistic practitioner and coach who lives and works in Switzerland in the Bernese Oberland. As promised, Michael is with us again today to delve into some of the topics and aspects we mentioned last time …


T: Hello Michael, and welcome back to my Blog.

M: Hello Teresa. Thank you very much for continuing our conversation!

T: Michael, in our first interview we spoke about your Taoist Feng Shui practice and some rituals you personally perform to remove both negative energy and even blockage and allow energy to flow freely again. In so doing, you referred to a project you have been working on within an open group you are involved. In that occasion, you just briefly mentioned the “mediality” and “energy healing”, which you would have liked to discuss in a second interview.
So, here we are today, and I had been looking forward to meeting with you again.  These are themes I am personally fascinated by but that also many of our readers are interested in and feel the need to know more about them while sharing similar experiences.

M: For me it is a deeply touching matter of the heart to talk about these topics.
As we know, there are always opposites (big-small, thick-thin, heaven-earth, black and white). So if this world exists, there is also the spirit world, that’s the law we have.

T: Michael, Let’s start by clearly explaining the concept of “mediality”, what it is and what its purpose is…, Would you?

M: To connect with the spiritual world is for me personally to feel a power that helps me to understand life. To connect with the deceased energies and to give their statements to the living people is for me one of the most beautiful works.

T: How can one imagine that?

M: One can imagine it this way: I am in this time about 10 minutes in a very quiet, almost meditative phase. So I have the opportunity to receive information from the spiritual world. This can be pictorially imagined as a beautiful dream that one had in the night, does not forget it, but can write it down and forward to the fellow man. The answers from the spiritual world are usually very simple, but generate great emotions in the receiver and have a very large effect, because people feel that after death, life continues in another form. Life is not over after death. It is the passage of our energy essence into a new life.

T: These are very exciting and very complex answers that will surely encourage our readers to study. I would like to dig deeper into your work on energy healing…

M: As we know, everything we see, touch and hear is energy. As we lose more and more of our perception of our bodies, we develop blockages that can lead to physical and mental misconduct. These can manifest as health problems, including Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Burnout … .

T: Do you mean that “all our illnesses are caused by energy jams?”

M: Yes, I would confirm that. If the energy flow in humans is no longer guaranteed, it can lead to congestion and the above-mentioned excesses. This is also visible in nature. For example, if a tree on the trunk has a large overflow, it has somehow been affected in its flow and has responded with this overflow.

T: How interesting and fascinating to see this also in Nature!
Many people already know holistic methods like Reiki, Yoga, Tai Chi and QiGong, Transcendental Meditation, Feng Shui as well as concepts like Qi / Chi / Prana / Life Force. You already know how important it is for this energy to flow both inside and outside the human body in order to maintain harmony and balance and, consequently, our physical, emotional, psychological and mental health and that of the Planet.
What is your personal experience with the concept of “energy healing”?

M: My personal experience is that when I am really centered and in my flow, all my life situations (health, environment, privacy, and work) evolve by themselves. The biggest work is to keep that balance and to further harmonize it.

T: Could you, please, give us a few examples of problems that can be resolved and how people can be released from their negative influences?

M: Every person can hand over one of his greatest gifts every day. Namely, by giving himself 30 minutes each day. This can take the form of a walk, meditation, conscious listening to quiet music or hearty laughter from the deepest inside. This has been my personal experience.

T: How do you work with people and their situations? How can you help them heal or improve their situation?

M: I myself am only the channel for people. I offer people a “door handle in their hands” with great humility and gratitude. What they then do with the door (unlock, close it again or unlock it and go through it) is up to each person. Man can only heal himself. I can only give the impulse.

T: Do you mean that every person bears the greatest responsibility for themselves?

M: Yes, that’s just the way it is. Every human being is the closest to themselves. No one else can come closer to you than you do to yourself. That is why it is important to take care of ourselves and to love ourselves so that we can enjoy the greatest gift we have ever received, our life!!

T: Thank you, Michael, for these very exciting words. I am sure that you have inspired many of our readers to reflect and have brought a new perspective into their lives.

M: Thank you, Teresa, from the bottom of my heart for your interesting questions and the cross-border platform. I wish you a lot of success with your work as a Naturopath and Author. For  professionals like yourself, who are so active and show great love and concern for the welfare of people, deserve great thanks and respect!

T: Thank you very much for the exciting words and the interesting comments. I wish you much success as well.

M: Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to talk about this wonderful subject.


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